Elizabeth Stainberg

About Me

My name is Elizabeth Stainberg, I’m a self taught visual artist since I was a little girl.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I grew up.

In 1998, I moved to the US for personal and family purposes and was in that moment when I started focusing more in the art world. 


I’m a very versatile artist. I love painting different medias such as acrylic, oils, watercolor and colored pencil.

I like the scratching technique and working with stencils as well.

I have taken several courses from different talented artists in order to incorporate their knowledge into my artworks.

I’m also passionate about photography. I realized about this hobby, traveling with family and friends, where I used to spend time admiring different landscapes, people and life instants before shooting.

I love evoking unforgettable memories by going through my pics and printing them in different filters and original ways.

I’m glad to invite you to come and see my artwork! I’m sure you’ll find the nice item you’ve been looking for!

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